On-Demand In Season 

soccer Program

Our On-Demand In Season Program delivers the right training when you need it! 

Most soccer clubs and leagues train twice a week and have a game on the weekend. Simply put, that just doesn't cut it. Athletes need training that specializes in acceleration, change of direction, and repeat sprint ability. 

Practices alone do not offer enough variables to cover these areas effectively. 

Everybody wants to be an athlete but nobody wants to train like one. Or they do not know how to train like one. 

This is where we come in. 

We start with a simple guide on when and how to choose your workout type, then using our app you pick the workout within the recommended discipline and get to it.

Example 1: It is a Monday and you played a game on Sunday. Using our guide you would see that today would be a rest and recovery day. A day such as this would call for active recovery using a mobility session. You simply find what workout you want to do under this category within our app and get to it! This is also a good day to catch up on hydration and nutrition lost from the game played on the previous day. This can be done using the provided resources in our group chats or facebook page.

Example 2: It is later in the same week. You performed a rest and recovery day on Monday and had practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is now Thursday and our guide would show you that to be fully rested and prepared for another Saturday game today would be the best day for a repeat sprint training (Speed Session) mixed with some change of direction and acceleration training (Field Session). You simply find what workout you want to do under each of the categories within our app and get to it!

Not only do our workouts cover acceleration, change of direction, and repeat sprint ability we will also be covering mobility/movement, foot strengthening, and pre-game positive psychology sessions.

Start TODAY! 

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Equipment required at a minimum will be a set of cones to a maximum of sprint resistance aid (parachute trainer). When your season comes to an end simply switch to our off-season guide to prepare you for the very next season of play. It really is that simple.

Save $$ by enrolling for an entire year and get 2 months FREE!! Only $120

This is the lowest we have ever offered an ongoing training protocol. Our normal rates for online training start at $55 a month and over $175 a month for personalized training. 

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