Terms and conditions:

Programs provided by Training Time Athletics are done so through a third-party application (Trainerize). As such this will require the download and use of said app. If you do not want to download the application do not proceed with payment. Manual delivery of our program is available. Contact us for information. (May incur additional cost)

Execution of this program is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Failure to adhere to the training schedule, log in to the app, or complete the program is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Due to the nature of this training approach we can not guarantee results and make no claims to that fact. 

Training Time Athletics will make efforts to ensure participants in our programs adhere to the recommended schedule through messages, automated reminders, or phone calls. Participants are not required to respond or answer, although their training result could suffer.

Training Time Athletics can not guarantee results. Due to many factors outside our control it is impossible to ensure a specific adaptation occurs. We are available for personalized/custom performance training. If this is what you are looking for use the contact us button to reach us.

Request for refunds are to be done via email. A refund request must be submitted in writing to trainingtimeathletics@gmail.com to be considered. A full refund is only available before your program starts. If your program has been delivered your refund will be prorated based on time in program and fees to host each athlete on our app. Non-compliance is not a reason for refund. Be sure to list reasons for the request clearly in the email.

Voluntary use of this program infers agreement with the liability waiver below. 

Release Waiver: MUST READ!! 

Purchase of our programs constitutes agreement